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National Fair

National Historica Heritage Fair

Once the judging for the Territorial Historica Fair is complete, the Historica Fair team will conference with teachers, principles and/or parents to determine which students would best represent Nunavut at the National historica Fair.

Please note that top scorers don't necessarily get to go onto the National Historica Fair. The following will be considered:


Students MUST travel to and from the community that they are representing when traveling to the National Historica Fair.

Nunavut Delegation

In addition to student participants one Student Alumni and a Chaperone or chaperones travel with the students to the National Fair. Every other year a person from Nunavut is chosen as "Head of Delegation" for all three territories. Applications to join the Nunavut delegation are due by April 10, 2009.

Code of Conduct

Below we have included the Code of Conduct for the National Heritage Fair. All members of the Nunavut Delegation must abide by these rules.

Historica Code of Conduct

the Historica Fairs Program believes that every student has the potential to be a self-disipline, positive contributing member of society. the Program also believes students have a right to expect a safe and nurturing educational environment.

The code of conduct is intended to encourage acceptable student behaviour throughout the National Historica Fair and to provide an atmosphere where all individuals feel a sense of respect, safety and belonging. Students are expected to:

Towards ensuring the above, the Historica Fairs Program will create an environment that will encourage students to exercise self-disipline by:

  • Developing programs which promote appropriate behaviour;
  • Using methods and procedures which enhance self-esteem and self-disipline;
  • Providing opportunities for students to practice cooperative behavior;
  • Using procedures which model fairness, equality, and respect.